A method to assess the eco-efficiency of a public bus transportation service

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Journal Article

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place - south america, place - urban, mode - bus, policy - environment, technology - emissions, technology - alternative fuels, infrastructure - fleet management, planning - environmental impact, planning - methods


Air pollution, eco-efficiency, emissions, Public Bus Transportation Service


Brazilian Public Bus Transportation Service transports over 34.4 million passengers daily using approximately 107,000 urban buses. This service costs millions of dollars annually to the municipality and emits several pollutants to the atmosphere. Therefore, this paper proposes a method to assess the eco-efficiency of a Public Bus Transportation Service. The proposed method was tested in a medium-sized urban region in Brazil. Different scenarios representing changes in the vehicles engines and fuels were tested and analyzed. Six eco-efficiency indicators regarding emissions and fuel consumption were proposed to assess which mix of engines and fuels would bring the greatest eco-efficiency. The results were compared to targets based on Brazilian regulation and showed that the renewal of the fleet is necessary to meet the environmental targets, while also achieving fuel costs reduction.


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