Modelling and managing bus service regularity with influence of prevailing traffic

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - traffic signals, operations - traffic, operations - coordination, place - urban, planning - travel demand management


Bus bunching, variational method, transit signal priority, multi-modal management


This paper presents a multi-modal framework for modelling and analysing different headway control strategies for improving bus service regularity. The interaction between buses and their surrounding traffic is captured in a multi-modal system through a Hamilton–Jacobi formulation of kinematic wave model. This paper further presents a set of signal-based strategies which regulate bus headway through adjusting signal timing plans. The results reveal that the capability of regulating bus headway disturbances through utilising traffic signals is important for maximising bus service regularity and coordinating the bus dynamics with surrounding traffic. This study generates new insights on managing bus reliability and multi-modal traffic in busy urban networks.


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