A green public transportation system using E-buses: A technical and commercial feasibility study

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Journal Article

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place - asia, place - urban, mode - bus, technology - alternative fuels, land use - impacts, policy - sustainable, policy - congestion, policy - environment


E-bus, High capacity battery, Supercapacitor, Transportation system


Economic growth in the emerging countries has led to rapid urbanization and expansion of existing cities. As a result, major cities in the emerging nations experience traffic congestion and deteriorating air quality. One of the solutions to overcome these problems is to develop a comprehensive public transportation system based on clean fuel. This work proposes a public transportation system based on electric buses that can be used in the cities. Here, the proposed system is studied and analyzed for Indian scenario. High capacity batteries and distributed solar PV generation has been used to ensure that no additional burden is put on the existing distribution network. These batteries are placed at each bus stop to store energy from the grid during the off-peak hours, and the supercapacitor in the buses will be flash charged from these batteries. In this work, the architecture of the proposed system has been presented along with initial sizing of the subsystems, for understanding the operation of the system for various scenarios, and to investigate its interaction with the grid. The results show that such a system, if carefully designed, is feasible and is capable of meeting the transportation needs without adding additional burden to the grid.


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Sustainable Cities and Society