Developing a tool for assessing park-and-ride facilities in a sustainable mobility perspective

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, mode - park and ride, policy - sustainable, planning - methods


Park-and-ride (P&R), sustainable mobility, case-studies, studies, system-wide, wide, long-term


This article presents results from context-related empirical case-studies of the traffic-reducing effects of 12 existing Norwegian park-and-ride facilities (P&R), in a sustainable mobility perspective. It further presents results from studies of planning processes related to construction or expansion of P&Rs. Main findings are that introduction or expansion of P&R normally cannot be expected to contribute to traffic reductions, if understood in a strategic, long-term and system-wide perspective. Further, that Norwegian planning processes are weak with respect to evidence-based ex-ante assessments of the traffic-reducing effects of P&R. The results and experiences from these studies were used in developing an easy-to-use tool for ex-ante assessments of traffic-reducing effects of P&R, taking properties of the facilities and the context of their location into consideration. The tool also includes suggestions of alternative measures to introducing or expanding P&Rs. As cities and urban regions in many countries struggle to curb traffic-growth and achieve more sustainable mobility patterns, we believe the empirical results, as well as the suggested assessment tool, will be useful also beyond the Norwegian context.


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