Integrated headway and bus priority control in transit corridors with bidirectional lane segments

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - bus/tram lane, infrastructure - bus/tram priority, infrastructure - busway, infrastructure - traffic signals, mode - bus, operations - capacity, operations - coordination, place - urban


Exclusive busway, Bidirectional bus lane, Bus holding control, Transit signal priority


The problem of operating exclusive bus corridors that have segments with bidirectional lanes is treated. On these lanes, only one direction of movement is allowed when a bus is present. Such construct requires less road space, which is a scarce resource in dense urban areas, and thus may be the only feasible alternative for the installation of exclusive bus corridors. The system model includes limits on bus passenger capacity. The control method for real-time operation integrates bus headway corrections and bus priority through signalized intersections, while enforcing mutual exclusion of opposing buses on the bidirectional lanes. Effectively, the control avoids bus bunching over the entire corridor and coordinates the passage of opposing buses on bidirectional lanes. The objective is to minimize the total waiting time of passengers, both onboard and at stops. Simulation results indicate the applicability of the integrated holding and priority bidirectional lane control method.


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