Enhancing the use of transit in arid regions: Case of Abu Dhabi

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - bus, mode - tram/light rail, mode - rail, mode - ferry, planning - surveys, planning - service quality, ridership - behaviour, ridership - perceptions, land use - planning, land use - transit oriented development


Stated preference, public transportation, Abu Dhabi, walking to transit, transit-oriented development, United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi aims to provide world-class facilities and service in the region, including a good network of public transportation. In addition to the current bus service, it plans to add light rail transit, commuter rail service, tram, and ferry service in the future. Understanding the perception of current transit users can help provide service recommendation that can enhance the transit system in the region. This study uses the transit user stated preference survey to examine the trip characteristics; travel behavior; perception of quality of service, social network, and personal attributes of transit users. The transit user characteristics substantiate the existence of social exclusion and the need for multi-housing in-fill development in the station area. Recommendations to enhance the built environment and transit services are discussed to improve accessibility and rider experience of transit users in Abu Dhabi.


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