Travel attitudes and mode use among Asian international students at an Australian university

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Journal Article

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place - universities, ridership - behaviour, ridership - perceptions, ridership - mode choice, policy - sustainable


Students, Australia, Travel behaviour, Asia, Immigrants, Logistic regression


International students and immigrants in general are fuelling the growth in Australia’s population and the pressure that is putting on its urban transport systems. Yet, we know very little about their travel habits and limited previous research has been previously undertaken to address this gap. To address this research need, this study draws on a survey that was designed and distributed online and on-campus to students at Australia’s largest university (Monash University). Using multivariate statistical tools including factor analysis and multinomial logistic regression, significant differences were found between native-born Australian and Asian international students with regards to their mode perceptions, present travel habits and socio-demographics. For Asian students, attitudes towards non-car mode decrease and car-dependency increases the longer they reside in Australia. The findings of this research further highlight the need to encourage newer immigrants to use more sustainable travel options and highlight the relevance for local government and policy planners to support further research in this area, given that these international students have the potential to be key agents for travel behaviour change.


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