Location and capacity decisions for electric bus charging stations considering waiting times

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, planning - methods, infrastructure - station, infrastructure - vehicle


Electric bus, Charging station, Mixed integer mathematical model, Queuing, Waiting time


This research proposes a mixed integer-linear mathematical model for location and capacity decisions of electric bus charging stations in order to ensure the connectivity of the road network throughout a certain region. The routes followed by electric buses in a country, demand in each route and driving ranges of electric buses are considered so as to determine the locations and capacities of charging stations under limited waiting time constraints. We implement the model on a case study for intercity bus networks in Turkey and use the actual data of coach companies. The results provide optimal locations and capacities of charging stations with minimum cost. Moreover, sensitivity analysis is performed to analyze the effects of different parameters on the results. It is observed that driving ranges have the highest importance in the efficient use of electric buses, and charging durations, number of trips and service rates significantly affect capacities of stations.


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