Site characteristics associated with multi-modal trip generation rates at residential developments

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Journal Article

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place - europe, planning - service quality, land use - impacts, land use - planning


Trip generationMulti-modalTransport impact assessmentResidential development


This research aims to contribute to understanding the range of site characteristics that are associated with multi-modal trip generation rates at residential developments. Data was extracted from the Trip Rate Information Computer System (TRICS) database for 933 residential developments in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with trip generation rates estimated separately for person, vehicle, public transport, pedestrian and bicycle trips. A total of 65 independent variables were included in the analysis, representing a range of site characteristics relating to location and housing attributes, public transport service quality, parking and travel plan measures. Trip generation rates by mode and time period were then regressed against the site characteristics to explore their association with multi-modal trip generation. Key findings showed that multi-modal trip generation rates are associated with a range of site characteristics at residential developments. These include, to varying degrees, locational and housing attributes such as apartment developments and housing size, population density, car ownership, distance to local facilities such as the nearest local/corner shop, public transport service quality, on-site parking spaces/dwelling, plus various travel plan initiatives such as secure well-lit/covered cycle parking. The results imply that various site characteristics deserve greater consideration in establishing multi-modal trip generation rates and that characteristics that support travel by non-vehicle modes should be incorporated within new residential developments where possible.


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