Optimal charging strategy for large-scale electric buses considering resource constraints

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Journal Article

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infrastructure - fleet management, mode - bus, operations - scheduling, planning - methods, technology - alternative fuels


electric buses, charging strategy, fleet operation


The large-scale application of electric buses highlights a series of practical problems, such as high charging costs, unreasonable utilization of charging resources, and chaotic charging schedules. In this study, a mixed integer programming model was first proposed to reduce the total charging cost of electric bus fleets by optimizing the charging power and charging time. Meanwhile, to improve the efficiency of the model under large-scale charging scenarios, a column-generation-based algorithm is developed to decompose the original model into a master problem and several subproblems, where each electric bus’s charging strategy is solved in an independent subproblem to guarantee a stable operational bus fleet schedule and to avoid intermittent charging. An experimental analysis is carried out. The results show that the optimal charging strategy can reduce the charging cost by approximately 36.1% compared with the uncontrolled charging strategy, which carries the potential to be applied in large-scale bus fleet operation.


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