Overcoming the barriers to Transit-Oriented Development

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Journal Article

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place - australasia, land use - planning, land use - transit oriented development, land use - urban design, land use - urban density


Transit-oriented development, precinct design, urban design, urban planning, public transport


Despite the long-term application of Transit Oriented Development (TOD) policy in Australian cities full implementation has proven a challenge. Indeed, in the Western Australian state capital of Perth, residential densities across most train station precincts remain typically low. Moreover, the use of public transport has declined over the last decade despite repeated attempts to boost patronage. In response to this situation, this paper reports on a suite of semi-structured interviews conducted with relevant experts to elicit knowledge concerning (1) the barriers to delivering successful TOD; and (2) potential strategies government planners can employ to mitigate these barriers to create successful TODs. The paper concludes that the success of station precincts must prioritise diverse, creative, and genuinely appealing places and travel options over transport planning standardisation and fixed practices.


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