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Journal Article

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infrastructure - interchange/transfer, planning - integration, planning - signage/information, mode - mass transit


Transit, Public transit, National Transit Database, Mass transit, Local transit, Integrated National Transit Database Analysis System, Information retrieval, Florida, Databases, Data transfers, Data retrieval, Data integration


The Integrated National Transit Database Analysis System (INTDAS) is a user-friendly software designed to facilitate the retrieval and analysis of data from the National Transit Database (NTD). INTDAS is an integrated database system that (a) combines individual NTD data files from multiple years into a single, standardized database and (b) provides customized tools for easy data retrieval, visualization, analysis, and transfer. The system is useful for both the practitioners and researchers who use NTD data to improve transit performance and services. The INTDAS database combines the 1984 to 2000 NTD data for all transit systems reported to the NTD program. INTDAS is equipped with highly customized functions that allow the user to quickly retrieve data of multiple transit systems of multiple years for trend analyses, peer comparisons, and data inquiries. A customized query editor allows the user to identify transit systems that meet a certain profile. An automated Florida peer selection process is also implemented to allow the user to identify comparable transit systems in peer analyses. Retrieved data can be displayed in tables, forms, or charts. The user may also set up formulas to derive new variables from the original NTD variables. All output from INTDAS can be saved to files in various formats and automatically sent to a third party as an e-mail file attachment. Although the system was developed for Florida, its functions are applicable to general users.