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Journal Article

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mode - rail


W beam, Steel posts, Pickup trucks, Performance, NCHRP Report 350, Median barriers, Impact tests, Guardrail terminals, Energy absorption, Crash tests, Collision tests


The design and crash test results of a median barrier version of the Flared Energy-Absorbing Terminal, known as FLEAT-MT, are presented. This energy-absorbing terminal is designed for use with a W-beam, strong-post median barrier. The FLEAT-MT terminal uses two standard FLEAT terminals, one for each of the two W-beam rail elements. The energy-absorbing capability of the FLEAT-MT terminal is based on the sequential kinking concept, similar to that used with the Sequential Kinking Terminal and FLEAT guardrail terminals. Three full-scale vehicle crash tests were conducted to evaluate the impact performance of the FLEAT-MT terminal in accordance with guidelines set forth in NCHRP Report 350: Test 3-35--pickup truck redirection test (Test No. FMT-1), Test 3-31--pickup truck head-on test (Test No. FMT-2), and Test 3-39--pickup truck reverse-direction test (Test No. FMT-3M). The terminal performed as designed. The FLEAT-MT terminal meets all evaluation criteria for a Test Level 3 median barrier terminal set forth in NCHRP Report 350. The FLEAT-MT terminal is being evaluated by the Federal Highway Administration for approval to be used on the National Highway System.