Analysis of park and ride mode choice behavior under multimodal travel information service

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Journal Article

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place - asia, mode - park and ride, mode - subway/metro, mode - car, ridership - commuting, ridership - mode choice, ridership - modelling, ridership - attitudes


Multimodal information, hybrid choice model, park and ride, social network information, latent variables


Travelers’ mode choice in a “car/park and ride (P&R)” context under smartphone-based multimodal information has not been fully explored. This study aims to investigate the influence of multimodal information and social network information on travelers’ mode choice for commuting, using stated preference data from Shanghai. A hybrid choice model is developed to identify the influential information factors on mode choice behavior, and some latent attitudinal variables are also considered in the model framework. Our results highlight the importance of incorporating latent variables into travel mode choice modeling. Specifically, subway comfort attitude and pro-green attitude both significantly and positively affect the choice of P&R, while pro-car attitude has a small and negative utility on P&R. Travelers are highly sensitive to the multimodal information of travel time, parking fare, and crowding level. For social network information, when travelers are presented with positive information about P&R on social media, they have a higher possibility to use P&R.


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