Towards a typology of mobility hubs

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Journal Article

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place - europe, place - urban, policy - sustainable, planning - methods, planning - integration


Mobility hubs, Typology, Planning, The Netherlands


Mobility hubs are increasingly mentioned in urban planning and transportation policies as a potential solution for keeping urban areas accessible in the context of growing population and promotion of sustainable mobility. Yet, an overall academic conceptualisation of mobility hubs in the form of a typology is still lacking. This study contributes to literature by identifying six types of mobility hubs by the method of grounded theory. This study is focused on the recent Dutch planning experience: data were gathered by conducting 16 expert interviews, one panel discussion, and a text analysis of 33 policy and planning publications. A conceptual framework is developed by proposing a typology of mobility hubs. We conclude discussing some of the major challenges policy makers and planners face in the development of mobility hubs.


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