Battery electricity bus charging schedule considering bus journey’s energy consumption estimation

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Journal Article

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mode - bus, infrastructure - fleet management, infrastructure - maintainance, infrastructure - vehicle, economics - operating costs, planning - methods


Battery Electricity Bus (BEB), charging plan


With the increasing of Battery Electricity Bus (BEB), the orderly charging of buses becomes more and more important. This paper formulates a battery electric bus energy consumption model based on characteristic data, and proposes a simple method to extract the characteristic data from the unordered data. A simple and practical BEB charging plan schedule optimization model based on BEB fleet’s departure plan timetable and trip electricity consumption estimation is developed. Given some realistic assumptions, the schedule model is formulated as a mixed integer linear model. The objective function can accurately calculate the charging cost in a linear manner. Only two kinds of constraints are included in the model, they can ensure each BEB journey is feasible. The real-world numerical tests show that: in the simulation cases, the average relative error of the energy consumption model is 7.5–9.2% and the optimized charging plan could reduce the charging cost by about 16%.


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