Local public transport and neighbourhood satisfaction: The effect on older adults' subjective wellbeing

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Journal Article

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place - europe, ridership - old people, ridership - modelling


Older people, Subjective wellbeing, Ageing in place, Structural equation modelling, Covid-19, Disruption


The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted older adults in terms of both physical (high mortality rate) and psychological health. In these challenging times more than ever, exploring which dimensions affect the older people's subjective wellbeing is relevant. As the literature has shown, older people prefer to age in place: the living environment and the presence of local services (including public transport) play a key role. The effects of social environment on older people's mobility, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period remain a less studied topic. Within this context, the paper aims to explore the role of satisfaction with neighbourhood, local public transport, and socio-demographic characteristics in influencing subjective wellbeing in Italy, during the Covid-19 pandemic. A survey has been addressed to people aged over 65 years old in three Italian cities (Milan, Padua, and Varese). A structural equation model and an ordered logit model have been performed. Results show that older adults who are satisfied with their neighbourhood and are happy with the local public transport characteristics are more likely to have higher subjective wellbeing. Moreover, men, older adults living alone, and those who have suffered from an income reduction, due to the pandemic, show lower levels of subjective wellbeing.


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