Applying Integrated Hierarchical Information Integration to Mode Choice Modelling in Public Transport

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Journal Article

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ridership - mode choice, ridership - attitudes, mode - rail, place - europe, operations - performance, ridership - commuting, ridership - young people


discrete choice analysis, hierarchical information integration, integrated choice experiments, public transport, service quality


To analyse in detail the influence of many attributes of service quality on mode choice in public transport the Integrated Hierarchical Information Integration approach suggested by Oppewal, Louviere, and Timmermans (1994) was applied. Data were collected with separate stated choice sub-experiments in which service quality was described by several constructs. In each sub-experiment one of the constructs was replaced by several represented attributes. In this paper, results of a small sample of commuters and students are reported. Validity tests of the assumed hierarchical structure suggest that it seems possible to concatenate the sub-experiments into a single model.


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